Davie Dog House




photo of Dr. Emily Roberson

Good morning! I want to thank each of you for allowing us to care for your pets during these stressful days!

As you know, we have been following directions from the AVMA, FDA, CDC, NC and US government and NCVMB as to what we should do and also what we CAN do. Veterinarians and their staff have always been part of the frontline of infectious disease. For example, we have been entrusted to ensure that your pets stay current on their rabies vaccination in order to keep that disease from infecting people and other species. We are classified as essential workers, and we have seen many medical cases in the last few weeks that need our care. But we need your help to stay healthy and to be able to provide "essential" services. Here are the guidelines that we are following:

1- We have increased cleaning routines in the building, providing necessary gloves/masks, soap, disinfectants for our employees and following all directives per the CDC. We have reduced our hours by closing on Saturdays, because the emergency clinic is open then to see you if needed.

2- We are providing curbside visits for your pets - please make sure that you keep six-feet between yourself and our staff, please stay in your car and call 336-940-3442 when you get to the office. We will take your pet inside, perform any necessary care, and bring back to you when done. We ask that if you are feeling sick, or are in isolation, that you do not bring your pet to the office, please have someone else bring your pet. Please clean your pets carrier or collar/leash with a sanitizer before coming to the animal hospital to prevent possible virus transmission.

3- This is very important : We have been asked not to do elective surgery or to see any patient if that visit can be reasonably postponed. This means that we are not doing elective spays/neuters/dentistry or any visits such as nail trims. Very specifically, the NCVMB has made clear today that GROOMING is non-essential.

Governor Cooper and President Trump have extended the stay at home order through the end of April, which means that we cannot do grooming/baths/nail trims until then. If there are other businesses providing these services, then they are not following the government mandates. We all have to do our part to help flatten the curve. We can, however, offering day boarding and boarding, if needed for essential personnel that need that service in order to work or to care for a loved one.

My prayers go out to our many health care workers that are actually on the front line caring for the people that are sick from this disease.


Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands!

Dr. Emily Roberson