Davie Dog House



All-Inclusive Boarding

Please note the following requirements for all pets who are boarded at the Davie Dog House:


All dogs must have had an exam with us within the past year*
AND be up to date on the following boosters:

DA2PLPV Booster
Rabies Booster
Bordetella Booster


All cats must have had an exam with us within the past year*
AND be up to date on the following boosters:

FVRCP Booster
Rabies Booster

Why do we require an on-site exam?
First and foremost, we want to establish a relationship with you and your pet. Additionally, we would like to identify any underlying medical conditions that affect the health of your pet and our other boarders (e.g., flea and tick infestation). We also need to determine if your pet has any heart or respiratory conditions which would affect how long they can be outside or play. Finally, the exam allows us to prescribe for and/or treat any medical conditions that can be brought on by the stress of boarding.

DDH Check-In Policy:
We have our office staffed for you to check in to the Davie Dog House, or to pick up your pets from boarding during specific hours.

  • Boarding drop-off starts at 9am - Appointments required.
  • Our staff will call you the day before to schedule a specific drop-off time.
  • Remember that our boarding rates are per day, so if you board a dog over the weekend (Fri-Sun) you are charged for 3 days of boarding. 

DDH Check-Out Policy:
We have trained staff here to ensure that your pets go home with all their belongings, and they will offer a report on their  stay. 

  • There is no additional fee for a Sunday pick up.
  • Under special circumstances, the DDH manager may approve a check-out time that is outside these hours. There is an additional fee for this.
  • When you book a multiple-night stay for your pet, you will be charged for the duration of the stay, even if you pick them up early. There is no credit back for unused nights.

Please note: Your boarding deposit is non-refundable.

*If we have never seen the pet, we will perform an exam prior to boarding and charge a exam fee at drop off.